Ludum Dare 2015: Dysforgiveness

My friend Seanna Musgrave and I spent the weekend of Ludum Dare working on Dysforgiveness, a game about physical intimacy and body expression, and it was a really fun time.

The theme of this year’s Ludum Dare was “an unconventional weapon”. We decided pretty quickly that we wanted to make something 1) about feelings and intimacy, 2) personally expressive, 3) visually appealing/containing spectacle of some kind, and 4) easy to understand just from seeing it. It took a bit of brainstorming and tabling of ideas, but we finally settled on the concept, and Dysforgiveness was born.

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Speaking at IndieCade East 2015

This Valentine’s Day weekend, I delivered a talk at IndieCade East titled “Environmental Storytelling and Real-Life Escape the Room Games”. I described the principles that went into our design choices, and discussed some of our creative processes: for example, the use of world-building as a way to guide puzzle design, or the importance of having every object in the room be diegetic and make sense in the context of the environment. Continue reading

Global Game Jam 2015

We built a fun thing for the Global Game Jam this year–a light- and sound-based artful narrative experience. Teammate Rob has written up a detailed and thoughtful summary of the tech behind the experience we built, which used Philips Hue lights and MiLights paired with timed directional audio to evoke sensory reactions, including awareness of place, and movement.

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