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Fictional Boardgames from TV Shows


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If the geeks control popular media, do we win by default?┬áThere are clearly a bunch of us in writers’ rooms, at any rate, because fake-yet-plausible board games are cropping up in television shows left and right. Continue reading


Solving the Black Letter Labs Puzzle in the Seattle Gigapixel ArtZoom

lettersWhen I received a strange email on February 3rd, I had never heard of the Gigapixel ArtZoom, “an interactive multi-billion-pixel panoramic image celebrating the arts in Seattle.”

The email told me there was a hidden puzzle in this “Where’s Waldo of Seattle” and asked for my help solving it; I didn’t know if it was a legitimate plea for help or a message from the game’s creators, but I couldn’t resist finding out more. Continue reading


Have Yourself a Very British Christmas

What happens when you combine a bunch of seasonal UK top hits with a Tumblr layout that automatically plays full-screen videos?

British holiday music TV for the internet!

Visit on your nearest Flash-enabled browser to enjoy the best holiday music videos from the UK that YouTube has to offer.


A Roundup of Eggcups on Television

You know, sometimes I wonder if I have a funny sense of humor. Because every once in a while, a little moment on TV or in a movie–the way something’s phrased by an actor, a goofy musical trill, a tiny gesture–will tickle me so deeply that I’ll crack myself up for days, laughing to myself whenever it pops into my head.

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