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On Second Life “Ruin Porn”: Exploring Empty Spaces, and Being Interviewed on Marketplace Tech Report

University of Foreign Studies

Recently, I’ve been seeing a lot of examples of “ruin porn“, a new category of urban architectural photography that depicts the rapidly increasing decaying process of major urban centers like Detroit, Baltimore and Cincinnati. These images inspired a project in which I’ve been taking pictures of abandoned spaces in the virtual world Second Life, which led to me being interviewed on Marketplace on National Public Radio.

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Design and Delight is in the Details

Today’s meditation/inspiration is about seeing creative potential in the in-between spaces of technology, user experience and mundane activities.

Every Gmail user is familiar with this menu, which allows you to load images in an email message only when you wish to see them:

Normally, the email message is just a series of blank white squares. But in July of this year, Pizza Express made people want to click that “Display images below” option.

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Cycles of history

Found the coolest iPad app: The Civil War Today. It’s a daily newspaper with push notifications and all the fun gadgetry associated with news delivery apps, only each day’s content is from one hundred and fifty years ago, to the day.

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