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Ephemera-Based Storytelling at Now Play This Games Exhibition in London

(Photographer: Ben Peter Catchpole)

In April, I had the privilege of creating a newly-commissioned art/play piece, “The Silence in Room 1258” for Now Play This, a games festival in London. Situated in an antique desk, the game is a self-paced examination of ephemera from a 1930s Hollywood hotel after a paranormal incident. Continue reading

Now Play This Festival—This Weekend!

If you’re in London this weekend, you can now play The Silence in Room 1258, the small, quiet sort of thing I made for the Now Play This 2017 exhibition! It was created for people who, like me, enjoy nosing through dusty old letters, and piecing stories together from what they find there.

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Global Game Jam 2017

For the Global Game Jam this year, Hagen Deloss and I made a physical card game about reconstituting a dead body with alchemical science. Players make organs and cast spells before the lightning strikes or festering sets in. We went into the weekend aiming to have a functioning mechanical prototype that we could develop further at a different date, and to lock down the imagery, pacing, feel, and flow of the game. Continue reading