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Global Game Jam 2017

For the Global Game Jam this year, Hagen Deloss and I made a physical card game about reconstituting a dead body with alchemical science. Players make organs and cast spells before the lightning strikes or festering sets in. We went into the weekend aiming to have a functioning mechanical prototype that we could develop further at a different date, and to lock down the imagery, pacing, feel, and flow of the game. Continue reading

RESIDENT EVIL Escape Room Game Experience


I designed an escape room experience in partnership with iam8bit in Los Angeles and Capcom for the 20th anniversary of the Resident Evil franchise, incorporating elements of past and future game environments to surprise players unfamiliar with the games, and delight those who know them intimately. This version of the room ran in October and November 2016. A national tour version ran in Spring 2017.

Satanic Panic Escape the Room Game at Fantastic Fest


I consulted with Bottleneck Immersive for an escape room at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas during Fantastic Fest 2016, helping develop and unify puzzle and design components for a fun and cohesive player experience. (Images via Nerdist)