Podcast Roundup

I’ve been on a few podcasts recently, so I wanted to gather them into one place:

Listen To This – I was interviewed by Asher Isbrucker about my “Find Satoshi” project, an attempt to locate a man given only his photograph and first name, part of the Perplex City Alternate Reality Game (ARG) and an experiment in six degrees of separation

Talking To Ghosts – I chat with Wesley Mueller and Michael Kurt about journaling, abandoned spaces in Second Life, the beauty and danger of VR, plot without conflict, and games in physical spaces

Script Lock – a conversation with Max and Nick Folkman and Ian Thomas about moment-driven story design, escape rooms and narrative live action experiences, Punchdrunk’s immersive theatre, environmental storytelling, breaking games, how to write for experiences where you can’t control what the player will do, puzzle design, VR shorthand, and more

Running an Alt.Ctrl Workshop for PIGSquad


This August, I ran a workshop for a PIGSquad event, the Summer Slow Jams 3: alt.ctrl & Tabletop Jam Opening. I now proudly serve on the board for PIGSquad, but I found my way into the community by participating in several years’ worth of game jams, and I think they’re an invaluable way to try out new ideas and learn essential skills, especially project management and scope awareness.

For the kickoff of the alt.ctrl and tabletop jam, I chatted for a couple of hours about designing for non-digital game spaces, including field games and escape room design. There’s a recording available here.

Adidas Uncaged NYC


I designed a pop-up escape room game for an Adidas event in New York City, emphasizing brand identity elements such as speed and teamwork.