GDC 2017

Had a great time at GDC this year speaking about the cognitive state and physical impact on players in physical spaces, and how that applies to both escape room games and VR!

Thank you so much to everyone who came to watch, stayed after to ask questions and for the lengthy discussion that followed in the wrap-up room, and to the whole team working so hard behind the scenes at GDC to make stuff happen, from the Conference Associates to the A/V crew, to the mentors and organizers.

The talk is now available for free on the GDC Vault; watch it here.

Portland Mercury Spring Arts Guide

My work was recently featured in the Portland Mercury Spring Arts Guide! Thank you to Ben Coleman for the interview and the feature. I’m humbled to be included in such good company.

“The thing I always strive to do in an escape room design is to make it diegetic, make it make sense for whoever was inhabiting the space,” she says. “I want people to feel transported when they’re entering into that space, and I don’t want anything they encounter to ever break that spell.”

Global Game Jam 2017

For the Global Game Jam this year, Hagen Deloss and I made a physical card game about reconstituting a dead body with alchemical science. Players make organs and cast spells before the lightning strikes or festering sets in. We went into the weekend aiming to have a functioning mechanical prototype that we could develop further at a different date, and to lock down the imagery, pacing, feel, and flow of the game. Continue reading