Buried Treasure in Utah

In 2009, I took part in an adventure game based on Walt Whitman’s “Leaves of Grass” and manifest destiny.

A fictional character, Grayson Ozias IV, traveled across the US in the late 1880s on a voyage of self-discovery, leaving artifacts and wax cylinder recordings along the way. In 2009, players all around the US recovered the artifacts, with each discovery uncovering the next chapter of the story.

After the story was revealed, 100 players competed to complete a cipher puzzle which revealed the hiding place of GOIV’s treasure. We were the first to complete the cipher correctly, and were flown to Las Vegas, where we picked up a rental car and drove into Utah.

The next day, we were taken to the middle of the desert and handed a pair of shovels, which we used to uncover the fortune of Grayson Ozias IV.

After it was all over, we went hiking in the nearby Zion National Park.

Here’s a video summary (not created by me) of the entire game and event: