Hello! My name is Laura E. Hall.

I’m an artist, writer, puzzle-maker, immersive environment and narrative designer living in Portland, Oregon. My work focuses on the playful intersections of arts, culture, and technology, especially in gaming.

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My Work

Escape Rooms and Puzzles

I craft digital and live interactive escape room puzzle games and creative adventures for global clients with Timberview Productions and in Portland, Oregon at Meridian Adventure Co.

Play our newest game, the award-winning online time-travel comedy adventure: The Traveler’s Guide to Little Sodaburg!

Immersive and Game Design

My immersive installations focus on storytelling through ephemera, environment, performance, interaction, deduction, and personal reflection.

My game design, narrative design, and world-building includes digital work, interactive fiction, street games, Alternate Reality Games (ARGs), and digital/tabletop board and card games.

See more of my work here.

Non-Fiction Writing

I write about games, film, and culture for several outlets and have published two books, Katamari Damacy and Planning Your Escape.

I am currently curating an ongoing series of dates in films with Letterboxd.

Community Development and Engagement

As a long-time community manager, I’m committed to inclusive and safe community spaces. I proudly serve on the board of the Portland Indie Game Squad (PIGSquad).

Speaking and Workshops

I do public speaking, appear on panels, and host workshops on the topics of escape rooms, environmental storytelling, immersive design, and narrative puzzles.

Want me to speak at your event? Reach out here.

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Is it possible to find a man based on his photograph and first name? The Find Satoshi project, about a puzzle finally solved after 15 years, proves that the answer is, “yes!”